A huge door to enter the empire built many years ago, at veritable height is the “Maharaja Sansar Chand Katoch Fort, Old Kangra“, the fort is situated in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh . You can see whole of the area which was coated under the rule, with an alluring unceasing river clinching through.



“Raj! naam to suna hi hoga” Character with funny intuitions but in restrained condition. I found him at Karol Bagh market. I was lingering in market for some good stuff but I collided to good human. His name is Raj and he works for Klick Garments in Karol Bagh. He dresses himself as joker to attract people for the shop he works in. When I asked him can I know about you, he replied “joker banna kise pasand hai aap sirf ek photo lelo, khush ho jaoge” and then he continued posing for the perfect picture.

“It is good to ditch some plans or to be ditched by some people to meet your learnings.”

Wings in Dome

“Wings to fly free are as adverse as torment”, this phrase describes the life of all the miseries, that were free to dive for love or were free to touch the crest of their thoughts with groping eyes. Young blood beats the bushes of freedom in every millstone and their perception. Freedom of choice, freedom to speak (whatsoever they want to), freedom to observe, freedom to run, freedom to embrace, freedom to leave their dens and most of all, freedom to live life, king size. Life! What is life? Being free of all is life? Or being above all is life? There is no such definition of life, as life can be lived after the end as well. There are many immortals that are still alive in memories, speculation, words of wisdom and in books.

Every person on this deceased heaven wants to float free, but ask those birds who are shot down and are eaten by brutal flying creatures. Live on elite or on ground, just survive. Fly free or live in the cage, just know the value and learn. Wings are just the hypnotizing object and are fantasy driven feathers, which arch towards the lousy earth. Use freedom shrewdly or else let freedom use you devilry. Freedom when breaks make Free Dome and let my words enlighten you “Dome is Never Free, What You Give to Dome, Dome Gives You Back, As Echo & That Echo Makes you clear about the Words Used”.

Have wings! But those wings must errand by us. As, those pinions can only be comprehend by us for, how to shape them, how to dawn them and how to wreck them. Don’t let others enter your dome which is free for you and don’t let others impair your wings.


The Lost Soul

Souls met, fell in fake love and made real love

This is when i felt, i should hit my face with a boxing glove

Why did i keep this bullshit all above?
World has taught us enough to ponder

But all the time i wonder 

Why have i created such blunder?
People come and go in our zest

When it comes to choose them wisely, i always fizzle in my test

Though, i still say, his arm was always like a headrest
Our souls when combined, were so buried 

That when it comes to him, i always worried

Is this much love enough to make my man flurried? 
Finally after the falseness of the real love, i conceive 

There was nothing in this love, that i will ever achieve  

Coz when it comes to sins he made, he forcefully asks me to deceive
That is when i discovered, that my secret self is actually a lost soul

Who is finding a way to know her role

And is assuredly carried by its dole
-Prachi Goyal

Mr. Winsome

Born to ignore none

A tall and a dainty one

Who directly hits the heart like a shotgun.


A quite mature man

I am definitely his huge fan

Damn! He’ll always be a heartthrob in his whole lifespan.


I met this dapper in my life’s running road

And even my nerves fell in love, with his witchery overload

But he is a complicated mystery, that I can never decode.


Wish to catch him out of the bubble

Nevertheless, it is a big trouble

But for sure, beckon is only his wicked stubble.


What hooked my eyes is his crowning gleam

But this man is always confused between the color scheme

Yet, he is only, The Man of my dream.


-Prachi Goyal

Tough Times

The life has started as I can suffer my vein up now. Love, Family, Friends, Kind, Strangers, Needy, Greedy, Restless, Helpless, Sleepless, etc., every relation with all these kind of people had been experienced. Well let me tell you “IT IS TOUGH”.

When it comes to love, the imperfection within you rises more than your perfect maturity and when you break apart from the word love then, it’s the perfect maturity that handles you in your Tough Time. Therefore falling in love is must to make your inner self rise above hate. The day you’ll rise above hate will be the day you’ll feel the love within you, the love for everything and the love for all those things which aren’t around you.

Strangers are people who cannot be trusted in single meet, but strangers are also the people who can make you comfortable in single meet. CHOOSE WISELY. Every person in this world is a stranger until we see them twice or meet them once. Every individual has its toughest time in life which makes him stranger even to his known’s. Being such a stranger leads you to depression or the most loneliest person-“This is what we all think after rejections or disappointments in life”. But let me tell you “when this happens we just give an additional number to the ratio of experienced people as compared to the immature ones.” Never underestimate your failures,  just learn and step forward in the veteran world, which might welcome you by ignoring you and you may regret your step but trust your nerve. KILL IT! and this world will end up by appreciating you.

 The best is to be happy, make others happy. This is the simple agenda to dismantle the burden from the brio of others and yours. Never make anybody suffer from the rigid time, just make it tough enough to give them a lesson, so that they can live free, without depending on others hard work.